Cheap Escorts Say Get Tough On Sex Offenders

The sex offenders law in the UK urgently needs to be reviewed. Even senior judges and QC’s think that the law is not string enough. I have been working for London escorts for about two years now, and I am always hearing about foreign girls who have been brought into the UK to work as sex workers, says Nina from London escorts. It is a sad fact that nothing is being done about it, and there does not seem to be enough people interested.

Trying to control immigration is a step in the right direction, but I am not sure that it is doing enough. I still think that a lot of innocent girls are coming to this country under the control of criminal gangs. When these gangs turn these girls into sex workers, they should be considered sex offenders. At the moment, the punters who date these girls maybe arrested, but nobody is doing anything about the criminal gangs. Most of us girls here at London escorts think that they are sex offenders as well, and so does many of the owners of great cheap escorts services.

What people fail to understand about London escorts is that most of the girls work legally. We may not have any special tax codes, but we still pay our taxes. To help to control prostitution, it would help if the government issued the cheap escorts service with tax codes. They have done so in Holland, and it has really helped to control prostitution and you get less of a lower rate of sex offences. The Dutch have proven that and really cleaned up their adult entertainment industry.

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you will know that you can walk around Amsterdam and feel perfectly safe doing so. We need to achieve the same thing here. It will cut down on sex offences and in general make the place safer. I don’t have a problem with that at all, but I do wonder why it is not happening. To be honest, I am not the only girl at cheap escorts who wonder why it is not happening. One of the girls here at London escorts say that many leading figures may even be hidden sex offenders and that is why this is not happening.

I love living in London, and it is truly a great place, but there are so many things that can be done to make the place safer. At the moment, it seems to be that you are okay as long as you are super rich. When you don’t have millions to spend on your lifestyle, it is very much like the people at the top do not care. They only look after themselves. Are laws only for the rich? Sex offenders often target poor people, and I think it is about time we started to address the real problems behind sex crimes. There are a lot of hidden influences and is not about time we did something about them?

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