Collecting locks of hair

I have this kind of funny gent that I date a lot. He has one of the oddest collection habits that I have ever heard of, and he actually collects locks of famous people hair. It sounded a bit spooky at first, and I thought he was going to turn out to be weird, but he is such a nice guy. Actually, I know few girls here at Acton escorts who think that his collection is kind of interesting as he collects locks of hair from just anybody. As a matter of fact, he writes to people and ask them for their hair sample.

You will be surprised at home many famous people send him a look of their hair. Some of the girls here at Acton escorts have given them a lock of their hair. I have as well, and I think it is nice that my hair is in good company. Apparently my blond hair is almost the same shade of blonde as Agneta from Abba. I kind of like the idea that I have the same hair color as her, even though I am not Swedish. It can be my little claim to fame so to speak.

My boss here at Acton escorts is really interested in what Mick does, and has looked though his brochure on his collection. Oh yes, this guy takes it so seriously that he sends a proper A4 brochure out and tells the celebs why they should send him a lock of his hair. The cool thing is that some of the historic hair locks are really interesting and he has some interesting people in his historic collection. My boss went around to see Stalin’s and Napoleon’s hair. He sort of felt that he wanted to see that, but that sort of freaked me out about it.

I am glad that I have got Mick as a date here at Acton escorts. He is such an interesting guy and we always have a lot to talk about. To be honest, I wasn’t into history at school but when Mick talks, I listen. Everything he has to say, is really neat. Apparently his collection is worth almost $100,000. It has not cost him a lot but it is really unusual and I am pleased for him. Putting it together has taken a lot of effort, and I am sure that he will sell for a lot more.

I keep king with my boss at Acton escorts that he should buy. To my surprise he said that he would love to have the collection but that he can’t afford it. Maybe it is a bloke thing, but to me it all seems a bit strange. But then again, if it is something that you can make money out of, it isn’t really bad at all. I keep wondering what I could collect to sell one day. My boss suggested perfume bottles as I love perfume, but I am not sure, a lot of people are already collecting those.

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