Escorts agencies at airports

There is a trick to running an airport escorts well, says Brian from Heathrow escorts in It is not at all like running an escorts agency in central London. There are many unique problems which can occur at an airport. I have been doing it now for 10 years and every time I think I know everything, something else pops up. This week we have had all sorts of unexpected problems with languages and that is perhaps the biggest challenge. Some of our dates do not speak a lot of English and we cannot cover every language group. Many gents know how to arrange a date with an escort but can always express what they need, he laughs.

The most common problem we have is on outcalls, says Brian. It is not the outcall itself but finding the right hotel number. A lot of gents phone Heathrow escorts services when they get to their hotel but they have a habit of quoting the wrong telephone number. But, a lot of them do get the number wrong. Now, we have started a new system where the dates text us the number and name of the hotel instead. It is so much easier, says Brian.

Tight schedules are a problem as we often have to deal with quick outcalls. There have been many funny incidents around short and quick stopovers for my Heathrow escorts. Brian starts to laugh; sometimes we come around to an outcall and the gent is asleep. Many of them are totally exhausted when it comes to dating and sometimes the girls have to wake them up. That is not the way it is suppose to happen, chuckles Brian. Mind you, I can understand these gents. They are often exhausted from traveling and I know how it can be on your body myself.

Heathrow escorts girls do put up with a lot. Sometimes they need special equipment to cope with massage calls. Japanese men find the use of a massage table very funny and often why the girls carry them. Of course, most Japanese style massages are carried out on the floor. It simply doesn’t work that way here and most massages take place on a table. The girls would probably do themselves an injury if they tried to work on the floor and that just would not do. I cannot have a lot of escorts running around with bad backs, says Brian.

I love running Heathrow escorts services, says Brian. Every day is a challenge for me and our escorts. The girls are rather tired at the end of their shift for the week so I have special little treats for them. I want all of my girls to have something to look forward to. It is simple things like going for a manicure and pedicure, but they love it. It doesn’t cost me a lot but it matters so much to the girls. Little treats are the best ways to keep my girls happy and smiling, says a happy Brian.

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