Hi there big boy, my name is Monica and I was wondering if I could play with your fantasies tonight.

Here at London escorts, they call me Miss Fantasia. Are your wondering why? I am not surprised. It is a very odd name but it describes me perfectly. You see, I like nothing better to bring out gents’ fantasies and take them for a spin. Playing with and living up to, gents fantasies is what I do best, and if you would like to try that, maybe it is about time you picked up the phone.

Fantasies are a little bit like wishful thinking. You would love to play with them but you are a little bit frighten of them coming true. Are they going to live up to your expectations or are they going to be disappointing? Well, this is where I come in. I want to make sure that your fantasies live up to your wildest expectations, and that you are indeed happy to share them with others in the future. You see, once you have shared a fantasy with a hot babe from the beautiful London escorts, you are much more likely to want to play with that fantasy again.

I love my own fantasies and when I meet some very special gents here at London escorts, I let them out to play. What sort of fantasies do you think that a girl like me has got? Well, let me tell you that my fantasies are indeed very special. As a matter of fact, I have so many special fantasies that I like to keep notes of them. I call them my specials and they can be really exciting. When you would like to play with them, just let me know.

Are all of my fantasies good girl fantasies? Don’t be a naughty boy and make me laugh because I would have to punish you. Of course, not all my fantasies are good girl fantasies. Some of my fantasies are very naughty indeed. But, that does not mean that they are not fantasies that you would not enjoy. I am pretty certain that you would even enjoy the naughtiest fantasies a girl from London escorts could possible have. You just wait until you and I meet up, I will make sure that I share ALL of my London esorts fantasies with you.

Once you and I know each other a little bit better, we can start to make up our own fantasies. I would just love that. If we don’t come up with any new ideas, I know how we can get inspired. Perhaps I could give you a nice sensual massage while you watch one of my favorite movies. If you like, I can bring my little own DVD player, and we can watch a movie or two. I have personally made a couple of movies that you may like that. They were meant to be educational but I am not sure that all of the gents that I meet, think that they are so educational. We are going to have to see what you think….

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