I wouldn’t like my husband as a person if I wasn’t married to him

When I met my husband for the first time, he was a sweet and gentle soul, Arsenal Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/arsenal-escorts says. One thing that unites my husband is the fact that we are both aware of the fact that we want to enjoy simple things in life. We both come from very rich parents and for whom money means everything. We both grew up and felt bad. We both feel that we are not really compatible with our family, Arsenal Escorts says. We both ate more comfortably in the 50th restaurant or at a family restaurant than in my parents’ dining room. Both men and I want to find meaningful work for the community. We both started as teachers and now I am the principal. This career means the world to me because I feel I’ve found the spirit of my household. And when we have children, we are very proud that we raise our children in a way that feels more authentic to us than our own childhood education. Well, my husband said last summer he didn’t want to teach in the fall. He said that he was tired of spending hours working with a little money while watching his friends and sisters work with double the money in half an hour, Arsenal Escorts says. He said that now that we have children, he realized that money was more important to him than he thought. Now he works in finance and wears a suit and ties to work every day and measures his financial success like his father. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I noticed another aspect of his personality that had changed. He is impatient. He woke me faster and far more sarcastic. I don’t like the new person. And if he is a colleague, not my husband, I will not want his personality at all, Arsenal Escorts says.

I don’t want to be friends with him. I will only avoid it. What is happening is difficult because I do not want to destroy my family. For me, it is very important for my children to grow up with their current parents in a loving family, Arsenal Escorts says. I don’t want to let go of this dream, but I’m not sure if I want that dream with someone I don’t like.

We all dislike our husbands, at least a little time: I know it might feel terrible. And even though that doesn’t help you enough, I can say that this is not an unusual situation, Arsenal Escorts says. Only a few people remain the same throughout their lives. This means that most of us do not remain the same people during marriage. In fact, many of us are forced to change because of external conditions that need a response. Honestly, this change is often good. Those of us who have financial difficulties learn to be grateful for the little things we have. We who are sick learn to rely on their family and friends, Arsenal Escorts says.

You can argue that this husband has gone through his own process of change. That may be the moment of his life when he feels the burden of family responsibility. It’s easy to be idealistic and not materialistic when we are young and no one supports it, Arsenal Escorts says. But many things change when you have children. I also believe that this is different for humans. Because sometimes, even when a husband and wife work, it is still a common norm to believe that a husband’s career will take care of the family, while the wife’s salary is intended to be “extra.”

Understand what you need and try not to control: I don’t agree with these social norms. But I say that this process of thinking exists and I think your husband can answer it, Arsenal Escorts says. So I suggest that you don’t judge too hard to make money more realistic. I think most people will agree that it is not realistic to believe that you choose or even want to contribute to your husband’s career. Her husband had to go to work every day and really do work. So, if he is lucky and earns a living, then I don’t think his career choice depends on him, Arsenal Escorts says.

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