It’s worth to live with a Belvedere Escorts

My life had a purpose when I met someone that completes me. Someone to make me believe that real love exists. Someone that gives meaning to my life. Life is hard when you do not have the inspiration to live. But when you meet the love o your life, you have all the reasons to continue living.


Kylie is the only person that I love. And when we broke up, my worlds dim and had no reason anymore to live. My life was entirely a mess, growing up in a broken family is hard. I have to tire myself to work and go to school. My parents broke up when I was a kid; perhaps I am just in my preschool year. Mom found out that he is having an affair, she filed a divorce. Their annulment not only affects her but all of us. The happy and fun home is replaced with sadness. All of us become so lonely, and mom did lose herself. She has no reason to continue her life. She becomes so violent that he did beat us and leave us without food. We still respect her as our mother until she entirely gives up on us and goes with her man. She left us in the house without saying goodbye and its painful because we have to learn to work at a young age. We continue to live, and as an eldest, I did not abandon my siblings. I work at night and go to school; I also got some help from other people and teachers. My siblings also are free to school since they are a scholar and a working student. I am so happy that we are helping each other to make our life better.


Kylie is my classmate in college. She understands me in everything and helps me when I am in trouble in my life. She never leaves me when she has all the chance. We reach our dreams together and build each other. I am looking forward to marrying her. After our college, we are in a long distance relationship since she works outside New York, but we promise each other to keep strong. In her first year in Chicago, everything till so smooth, the love we have is still fresh and bond when she went back here. I am grateful that she fulfilled her promise. But everything changed when her second out of town, she seldom call me and have time. Little did I know she already had a new man and replaced me. Our break up is very painful and got a hard time to continue my life. I was based in Belvedere in my work. And for years of stay there, I am grateful that a Belvedere escorts from come to my life. Not just she is beautiful; she gives positivity in my life. It’s worth to live with a Belvedere Escorts




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