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Are you looking for really hot girls Well, in that case you must simply date the girls in Mayfair and Kensington. I have personally dated a lot of very hot escorts around the world but I don’t think that you can beat London escorts. Lots of gents say that the girls in places like Bangkok or Singapore are the best, but I think that they are amateurs compared to hot London girls. The have absolutely no sense of sophistication and just seem to go about their business in a very matter of fact. That is absolutely not for me at all.

London escorts are sophisticated and you can take them any where. So, these days a lot of the girls are not from the UK anymore. Many of them come from places like Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe but that does not really matter to me. I like them anyway, and I still find that there is something really special about these hot babes. It doesn’t matter that they are not “made in Britain” so to speak. To be perfectly honest I find a lot of these girls very broad minded and I enjoy them company immensely. The sexier the better of course!

A lot of gents seem to be a bit hung up about the girls not being born in the UK any more, but I can’t see why it matters. This does not only apply to London escorts. Traveling around the USA recently, I noticed that a lot of the girls that I met are from other parts of the world as well.
There isn’t a lot of American born girls who work as escorts anymore. I am not sure why that is, but things seem to be changing. It is true that we are really mobile these days, and we travel a lot more.

Could it be that some escorts work as London escorts for a little while, and then move onto different parts of the world? I am beginning to think so and I will check it out next time I date some hot talent in London. After all, it is always best to ask the girls. Perhaps them have some particular travel plans. Many young people do work their way around the world and there are no reasons why escorts shouldn’t do the same. You can actually build up a rather smart escorting CV by working in this way.

I just love escorts, but London escorts are special. Once upon a time, I used to be married but now my escorts come first. There is no need for me to be married at all really. I can get all of the sexy companionship from the girls that I date. Some divorced gents do want to get married again, but I am no craving for that at all. My life awards me with such pleasures and many lovely ladies. Of course, being wealthy helps, I can after all afford to pay for the most talented girls and the hottest babes.

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