Loving this London escort for a long time


This woman of mine seems to be lovely all the time. She is there for me all the time to help me on all my difficulties and struggles in life. She is there for me to protect me from all the people that are trying to bully me. Having her on my life makes my life more meaningful. She is there for me to have helped me in all the decisions to make. She is there for me all the time whenever I needed her. I appreciate a lot her coming to my life because she never failed to stand in my side. I am happy that someone like her came to me. I didn’t know that she would fall in love with me. Someone that is not handsome as well as not rich. One thing I am proud of that I am a good person to everyone. Yes I do belittle myself because of my appearance. Being born with this kind of birth mark is hard. It was big and huge. I cannot imagine how it would change my life without it. But I can’t do anything about it; I have no money to perform a she surgery. For many years I am ashamed of myself just like my parents did. Sometimes they hide me in the basement especially if there’s a special occasions in the house. Nobody knows about me in the family. They says I am just a son of a maid which hurts me. They are not proud of having me in their life. London escort helps me to accept my flaws in myself. She taught me to love myself so that others can give respect to me. London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/ added that if I continue doing this to me it would be a lifetime feelings I get the same time. I came to know this London escort when I went to London to find my destiny. I am tired of the painful words I received from my family. I don’t feel like being part of the family there. In my journey a lot of times I received bullying. But I have to ignore it for once in my daily food. Yes I got a job and even in my workplace I received discrimination. Until I met this London escort, who is of the leading woman in town. she is the kind of lady that is always there for me all the time. She saw the pain in my eyes and I am very happy that for the first time someone saw the sadness in me. I am l lucky that I found a woman who loves me despite of my physical appearance. Since then, I stand for myself and love what I am. I just can’t imagine my life without her anymore

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